McCain and Obama: A New Era

It’s the year of change; a year where the talking heads of the two major American parties are not going to have their way. You have just months ago Rush Limbaugh, one of the people in our nation to take most advantage of the repeal of the Fairness Doctrine, saying that John McCain (and Mike Huckabee) would¬†destroy¬†the Republican Party if elected. And though Obama seems to be beating Clinton in nearly every electability poll (a bit less now with the recent minister remarks), in delegate count, and in states won, the Democratic establishment (as expressed with the super delegate count) has begrudgingly accepted his candidacy. Even with the established old two party system, we are seeing a revolution. Not in the Ron Paul/Ralph Nader type overthrow, but nonetheless, the power and voice has been given back to the people. What a great step forward.