A Time for Pain

In the FT article discussing the implications of impending recession, it is interesting to consider the household aspect of this crisis. Though painful, this expected hurt will be helpful as it will bring us back into alignment with an efficient marketplace. Thinking of the rapid increase in home value over the last few years (or decades) and we may note that in selling these homes (among other assets) that perhaps the crashing of value when there is a massive sell off (whether through owners or creditors) is simply a needed correction (as painful as it may be). In that light, as the “dominoes” fall down, it is simply a mechanism that brings about again equilibrium (though government can step to either slow the fall or prevent it completely as long as it is willing to increase control indefinitely). The latter option is appealing in the short-term, but in the long-run, such control is likely to impede markets and progression if not carefully balanced. I would much rather have short-term pain and let the invisible hand guide the markets.


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