Tweeting Congressmen

Avelino Maestas at Huffington Post reports:

Just a few weeks ago, Reps. John Culberson (R-TX) and Tim Ryan (D-OH) began their great Twitter debate over U.S. energy policy. It seemed a welcome move for many in the online world: members of Congress connecting with citizens, sharing their ideas and debating policy in an open environment.

This article is a bit more positive than the original posting which reported,

Congressmen Learn To Use Twitter, Break New Ground In The Field Of Bipartisan Bickering, Hurting America

On my Twitter account, I am able to follow these two congressmen, Barack Obama, and a surrogate Tweeter for John McCain (I wonder if he knows what he is missing). In fact, I was near Malia Obama’s birthday party just this last weekend, but we decided to stay in Yelllowstone rather than trying to crash the Butte, Montana gathering.

It is no wonder that Senator Obama, with his embrace of this and other new media, is not only more appealing to the younger, more tech-savvy audience, but he also has come to represent a more hopeful and forward-facing platform.

Of course, Jason Linkins writes:

Now, we’re somewhere at T-minus-very-soon before someone breathlessly writes something to the effect that this is awesome and democratic and a positive trend because it increases access and transparency and gives the average citizen an intimate look into the world of lawmaking. I say: Balderdash!

I hope this is not “breathlessly” written, but this trend toward transparency and approachability works in all spaces in which communities are formed. It is through such accessibility-creating technologies that these groups will be able to gather when distance and other such constraints limit their interactions.

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