Disney and London Underground: Quiet Innovators

Disney and London Underground have very little in common, except perhaps that both are a part of vacation experiences. But they do have two very different but very inventive service offerings that you ought to learn about. And I am going to do a bit of a cop out on this one. Since I have already written about this with Wolff Olins, I will direct you to that work (it is much more in detail, and their are some nice applications that you can take with you as well). It includes a nice discussion with Lee Cockerell and a in-depth look at the Oyster Card. Take a look, you may enjoy it. If not, let me know why.

In the meantime, I have come across a tumblr site that is very well written and quite enjoyable to read. It is called One Person Trend Stories, and it is worth a look. Today’s post was:

… One Woman Takes a Stand Against Coffee Shops That Play Really Loud Music

Yesterday it featured a man that refused to buy the iPhone and a few days ago we read of a woman that refused to look at her ex boyfriend’s Facebook updates. How can you refuse to read that?

read more | digg story


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