Right Time | Right Place

The missus (that’s what she said to call her) just took me to my first “real” rodeo. Considering that I grew up on a farm and she in a subdivision, it’s a bit ironic, I know. Now she wants a horse. We live in an apartment.

While walking home, we noticed a lady laying out a tarp and some chairs in front of our place. She was first in line. Not for an iPhone; not for The Dark Knight; she was in line for a parade that was to start in two days. Never living in Utah before, I had no idea that Pioneer Day (look it up) was such a big event. She wanted to be in the best place when this thing started.

Last night, we happened to be driving downtown on our way home when all these fireworks exploded around us. Again, Pioneer Day—had no idea. We were right next to the show at the precise moment that it was most exciting.

Two days ago, I made a brief comment about Sly Dial in a posting. It just so happened that, for a brief moment, that posting moved me to the number spot on Google when putting in the term “Sly Dial”. Take a look at my blog visitor stats as a result:

Sometimes you can plan it (but, you’re not likely the only one), sometimes it just happens. I was going to talk about trying to determine that when the next big thing is going to come, but I think that’s crazy talk. Anecdote has some great thoughts on this:

When getting yourself free in basketball, say on a fast break, the good player creates a range of possibilities rather than running to a single point where they think the basketball is going to be. They help create a pattern which takes account of the weak signal but creating possibilities which are resilient to a range of outcomes.

Though hard to pick the next “big thing”, it is possible to embrace a variety of emerging trends (that make sense for your movement, whatever it is), and when one of these reach critical mass, you’ll be there: right place, right time.


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