Speaking of the Olympics, Greeks, a monster, water, tribes…

Let’s try just a simple stream of consciousness.

Welcome to August 1. On this day some 72 years ago, the Olympic Games opened in Berlin. Speaking of those games, The Photo Scrooge posted this winner of a demonstrator about two months ago:

Look it up if you aren’t already shaking your head.

Of course, this is also the week that it was reported that researchers discovered that the cool ancient Greek calculator also told when the Olympics should be scheduled.

Two more discoveries this week. First, the Montauk Monster, which doesn’t get a picture because it’s gross. Go look if you want to see it. If you haven’t read, some dead, monster-like (as in odd appearance, not in it’s monstrous, meter-long size) animal appeared on a shore in New York, and then it disappeared, and now it may be in a box in a backyard […] and it may be a raccoon (thanks to Over the Hedge for the picture), not a monster. How unfortunate.

The Monster

The second discovery was water on Mars. This is a big deal. One that that we can all look forward now is on the astronauts trips to Mars, they can bring their Tang and have the water to add to it. The Martians have expressed great happiness with this new discovery (picture from Klingner; you should ask the Chief Awesome Officer about him).

And moving on with celestial occurrences, there was an amazing solar eclipse today. It was said to be most complete near Nadym, Russia. Nadym acts as a modern gas deposits location, but was originally part of the area frequented by the tribal Nenets people.

And on that tribal subject, Seth Godin launched his new Triiibes service. I haven’t learned yet about the triple i, and I am still having some trouble with my profile picture. After and while I overcome these deficiencies, I am going to enjoy checking out this new medium for exchange. Everyone involved seems to be very excited thus far.

Phew—that’s it.

*pictures from cited sources unless noted.


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