Working Together

While in college in Idaho years ago, I took my then non-Idahoan girlfriend on a long trip to see a friend of hers. Along the way, my puckish car, which still promised me a full quarter tank of gas, decided it would run out of gas (this car made a habit of stopping when I had a young woman in the car and we happened to be in the middle of nowhere; it never understood why I didn’t appreciate it, even if my passenger did coyly say, “Well, isn’t this convenient”).

While stranded, my girlfriend asked what we would do next, and I said, “We are in Idaho, let’s start walking and someone will pick us up in a few minutes.”

It took about thirty seconds before a cowboy in a truck picked us up and bought us some gas (refusing our payment).

A few years later, when my now wife and I moved to Boston, we were told by many that the New Englanders were a cold people to outsiders, and that we shouldn’t expect any courtesy when we inevitably got lost in their winding streets and neighborhoods.

It’s not that the Bostonians were bubbling extroverts (except at Red Sox games), but every time in our newbie days we got lost downtown, we had multiple people immediately approach us to see if we needed help.

And the same thing happened when we moved to England.

At Triiibes, I have noticed that there are multiple groups that formed around simply helping others. This is inspiring, people really are generally good, and when given the chance, they will help. That’s why tribes are so important. These communities connect like-minded people and together they can do more than just ad hoc good deeds. They can change entire nations.


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