Right Time | Right Place 1.1

One month ago I talked about being in right place at the right time. This last weekend, I saw this forcefully and not-so-forcefully in action (but neat for the advertisers, nonetheless).

On Saturday, August 23rd, I took my wife to the hospital. She was well into labor and I was about to embark on one of my biggest life-changing experiences. It was around 4 am when we finally got to LDS Hospital, and she and I were quite tired, excited, nervous, and I, who, in my fatherly role, was about to leave my soon-to-be child and the love of my life into the capable hands of the nurses, doctors, and staff at this institution—I was quite unsure and honestly scared. I brought her to the front of the hospital so she could start the admittance process and I went to park the car. While hurrying back from the parking lot, I stopped to notice a sign above the entrance door.

It says:

We’ve been named a top hospital by U.S. & World Report. Again.

They may be named for being a top hospital for appendectomies, I don’t know. But to read that, at a fearful time, at 4 am, right before you know that they will be treating your wife and bringing your child into the world, I cannot express how much that message at that place at that time meant to me.

5 hours, 23 minutes later, we welcomed our little one.

When I brought her and him home yesterday, I took a little time to grab our mail when I had a few free seconds (turns out, there is not often now that I have a few seconds). In the mail was a mailing from Sears Portrait Studio that read, “congratulations. your new baby is here.” and then offered a free portrait and sitting. Not as emotionally needed as the hospital validation, but it was perfectly timed and is now not sitting in the trash as is most of the direct mail pieces sent to our home.


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