“I’m a PC”

For some reason I have been talking a lot about Macs and PCs and Microsoft lately. Well, that’s because these subjects have piqued my interest. And that’s usually what I write about. It is easier that way.

Unless you have been paying more attention today to, oh, the death of the investment bank or the multiplicity of disheartening financial news, you may have noticed a little snippet in the press about the new “I’m a PC” ads.

It seems that the images were made on a Mac. Not so surprising, considering that Macs are prevalent throughout the creative industry. A little unwise, considering that these are responses to “I’m a Mac”, but I haven’t been as up in arms about this little revelation as others.

What is interesting to me is the fact that the mouthpiece for the PC is Microsoft. Yeah, they have been for years, but Macs now run both. Even though the ability for Macs to run both makes it possible for Microsoft to continue to succeed, they are fighting against the diffusion of this machine. The likely reasons for this are related: first, the near OS (and other software) monopoly is broken up for Microsoft when consumers can easily chose; second, they know that they can’t really compete with Apple’s OS and other software.

So what strategy should they chose: compete better or fight the transition so you don’t have to compete so directly?

What is good news is that competition like this is ultimately good for consumers and companies. This isn’t a price war, which, of course, leads to no real winners on the business side. This is a market-driven battle that lends to greater innovation and real and better benefits. For the retail consumer—this is a sign of good things to come.


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