A Great Community

I am going to be purposely vague, the reasons being obvious. Over the last two weeks, a family member of a popular blogger went missing and was later found. Online posts, images, and messages proliferated when the word went out. But when the immediate crisis was over, there was a simple message:

Now that [removed] has been found […] we are asking all that posted on Twitter, messageboards and their blogs to please delete the posts. We don’t want this following the family around for the rest of their lives and would appreciate your continuing support.

And now, if you go to those posts, you are likely to find “Error 404 – Not Found”, “Sorry, no posts matched your criteria.”, “This photo is unavailable”, a blank page, or some other message.

Communities become communities when reciprocity occurs. And in this case, it did. The circumstance was unfortunate, but the response was beautiful. That community exists in the truest sense of community. This blogging group has figured it out.

You want to bet that this organization continues to be pretty successful?


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