Scott Adams’ Prediction

Not really. At least I don’t think he really thinks this will happen:

End of the Republic?

I wonder if today will be remembered as the last day of the Republic. If Obama gets elected, lots of McCain supporters will be displeased, but I would expect an orderly transition of power. That’s one possibility.

The other possibility is that McCain is elected and there is widespread suspicion, founded or not, that the election was rigged. That, for all practical purposes, will be end of the Republic. Citizens will take to the streets, the lame duck administration will declare martial law, half the country will stop paying taxes, and we will begin the long slide toward a Mad Max economy.

That means we still have all of today and a good part of tomorrow to enjoy ourselves […]

I looked forward this morning to going to his blog and reading the comments of those who were in on the joke. It turns out, you can’t talk much about politics without trolls attacking your comments section. Maybe Wired was right. (I don’t think so)

Humor aside, it is amazing that in 200+ years of presidential transitions, we have never had a problem like described. The movement from one to another has been relatively smooth; not many countries can claim as unspotted as a history. As much as we worry about our government (as we should), we must be grateful for the general peace and stability we enjoy.

Final aside—the reason that there is no link to the posting at is because when I went back to commentary, it had been removed. Maybe we won’t see protests that we stop the nation after we go to the polls in just hours, but some free speech, it appears, does have the ability to stop Scott Adams.

Update: The posting is back up.


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