Artistic Universe

Wired reported today: “Artist Wants Nuke Waste Dump to Make New Universes.” The details followed:

[Artist] Keats unveils a do-it-yourself universe creation kit, on sale for just $20 and made from components bought on eBay – and, as he explains in a half-tongue-in-cheek letter to the Department of Energy, it could easily be scaled up to the dimensions of Yucca Mountain, dotting its 230 square miles with crystal towers glowing in a redemptive fount of creation.

In addition to being creating universes, Keat’s remarks:

It would be quite beautiful: the idea is to sink two-mile-deep scintillating crystal stacks into the mountain, sticking out like chimneys, looking like a factory. But instead of sending out smoke, they’d glow in the night.

There are a lot of questions that could be answered, but my biggest is: how does someone do something half-tongue-in-cheek? Does that really work?


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