Sam Gallup, New York miner lost his job in August, found a job in Montana, took the few days drive out to the mine, worked one shift, and was laid off as one of the 500 the mine let go.

He now is waiting for his one day check.

It would be different they found out he lied, or he got in a fight, or something else. But to be laid off, after just being hired …

The good news (hopefully) is that he is now interviewing with a company in Nevada and he has received some help along the way. Amid the multitude of calls for greater corporate transparency in times of crisis, this group simply missed it. My wife mentioned to me that she was surprised at the internal miscommunication; the executive team completely failed to mention to the hiring team that there would be some needed cutbacks.

Now they have all this negative press because they thought it would be better to leave everyone in the dark. I suppose this is their subtle introduction to new media.

We understand layoffs, and we understand hiring freezes, and Stillwater, the company he worked one day for, should have understood that these usually go in reverse order. But to do something like this … this is why so many people hate corporate America. What a shame.


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