45′ Slingshot

You probably have already seen this video of Johnny Chung Lee and his Wii; if not, you should.

This is someone that has figured out how to do what he loves (and has found an audience that appreciates his work). After seeing one of his new projects today, I took a look at his CV. Turns out that this Carnegie Mellon PhD has not only created a following on YouTube (Top Rated Video, Dec 2007), but he also was the Project Creator on:

A large scale community art project for the City of Pittsburgh for the urban renewal initiative of the East Liberty area. The project involved the construction of a 45 foot tall slingshot to launch paint-filled balloons fired by community to temporarily transform a condemned apartment building into an 18-story tall piece of artwork.

There are a few lessons here—and I wonder if it is a coincidence that another life lover and Internet sensation, Randy Pausch, also claimed this university—in the same department and field of study even?

Is there something we ought to learn more about when we discuss human interaction (the area of study for both these individuals)?

I think so.


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